Top Questions All Businesses Should Ask a Payment Provider

You want to make it easier for the customers to make payments for the purchases they make from you. As we all know that online payment processing is the fastest and safest way to receive payment, it can help propel your local business forward. But do you know how to make the right pick when choosing the merchant payment processing partner? You can start by asking the right questions.

Are there different rates or fees associated with different types of cards?

When you are planning to receive payments online through the credit or debit cards, you want to be sure that your payment processing partner is being transparent to you. Some service providers may charge different processing fees for different types of card transactions. For example, the charges for business card may be different to the debit or credit cards. So, it is very important that you know everything about what you’ll be paying to process each type of transaction.

Does the gateway support different countries and currencies?

Not all payment processing gateways are the same. While some can support only a few countries and currencies, others can offer many options to receive payments from different countries and in different currencies. In case you are doing business with international brands, then choosing a partner with international support should be a good choice. On the other hands, a local business can pick a partner that is working with a particular country and a particular currency.

Do you offer fraud protection for payment processing?

We are living in this highly advanced age where cyber hackers are always looking for the potential platforms to commit financial crimes. They can steal the financial information of your customers to make more revenue. All this can result in damage to your brand image. This is why it is very important to know that the merchant payment processing partner is offering fraud protection for payment processing so that your financial details and transactions are secure from any kind of attack. This includes using the best encryption methods and data protection strategies.

How can your payment processing help my business?

Well, this is something that can make or break the entire decision. Of course, a merchant payment processing partner will aim to help accept an additional form of payment, which can boost your revenue, but there are many platforms that can help in many other ways. It depends upon you, whether you need just a partner that can help accept payments or a little more than just accepting online payments. You can choose the agencies that offer a variety of features to help run smoother.

Do you have discount offers for online payment processing?

Of course, you want to know about the hidden fee or charges that you would pay to the payment processing partner, but did you know that you can save more on every transaction with the discount offers? Well, there are different kinds of discounts like Level 3 discounts that are customized to save more for the small and medium businesses to grow in this highly competitive marketplace. So, make sure to know the kind of discount offer the partner is offering so that you can make the right pick.

What type of support is offered?

When you partner with a professional merchant payment processing agency, you don’t just get the reliable online payment processing facility, but a lot more than that. You can have a whole team of experts who are available to help deal with the grievances that you can have with the online payments. Remember that an automated phone system isn’t the same as speaking to a live person, so make sure that you have the partner that can help deal with all kinds of queries you or your customers may have in the mind.

Is there any limit on monthly payment transactions?

Whether you are a small business owner or have a medium-sized agency that aims to grow, you want to ensure that you do not have limited options when it comes to receiving payments online. Of course, you’d not want to tell your customers to pay cash just because you are not getting enough transactions monthly as per your plan. So, it is very important that you pick the best agency that can offer you unlimited online payment transactions as part of the plan. Opt for the partner that is flexible enough to fulfil your needs for the online payment processing services.

Final words

Choosing the best online payment processing partner can be a challenging task, but it is very important that you reach the final decision with all the clarity in mind. With the above-mentioned list of the questions, you can make the smarter choice.

Will the New Pension Formula Impact Your Income in Retirement?

Pension plans must use a new method for the calculation of the commuted values as of 1 December 2020.

Plan members who transfer the commuted value (CV) of their Defined Benefit (DB) plan could soon receive reduced payments thanks to an updated formula that will come into effect on 1 December.

Some DB plan members, particularly those approaching the plan’s normal retirement date, may experience a relatively small decrease in their CV. However, those who leave or retire around the age of 40, and do not have many years of service, may see their CV payment reduced by 5% or more, depending on the characteristics of the plan. In a February announcement published by Eckler SA, an actuarial consulting firm, it was estimated that changes to the retirement date assumption in the revised December formula could reduce CV payments for people aged 45 in a DB plan with a normal retirement age of 65 by 4% to 7%.

The new formula was developed by the Actuarial Standards Board of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries after a multi-year review process and is expected to enter into force on 1 August 2020. In April, at the beginning of the closures due to COVID-19, the institute announced that it would postpone the deadline to 1 December 2020. Some plans were permitted to adopt the revised standard early.

The new formula uses a revised assumption for the start of the retirement date and a market-based interest rate calculation that reflects not only Canadian government bond yields but also information on the performance of provincial and corporate bond indices. The impact of these two key revisions on the lives of plan participants depends on the age of the plan participant, the bond indices used to calculate the difference, the economic conditions at the time of calculation, and the terms of the plan, as indicated in the Eckler communication.

For plans without early retirement benefits, the change may only have a minor impact on CVs, but CVs will generally be lower under the new rules for early retirement planning. The more generous the benefits, the greater the reduction.

Members of the DB plan who terminate their employment often have the opportunity to remain in the DB plan and regularly receive pension payments upon retirement, or to transfer the CV from the plan and use it to purchase an annuity, or to take it as a lump sum – where part or all of the amount can be transferred to a locked-in retirement account.

Plan members who have recently requested a quote for the CV of their earned pension, but have chosen not to commute their pension until the new year, may find that their CV has decreased due to changes in interest rates and assumptions.

The decision to take a CV from a DB plan is complicated and very personal. It can be one of the most important financial decisions you make when buying a house. When interest rates are low, as they are now, CVs are high, making the decision to transfer a CV a potentially interesting option. However, the amounts withdrawn must be properly invested to create future retirement income. This is unlikely to be achieved by using GICs or other “guaranteed interest” investments, as they are currently paying less than the rate of inflation.

It would be perfectly normal for your risk tolerance to be lower in retirement than it was at the beginning of your career. A more conservative investment mix will produce a lower rate of return over time, but if you are sufficiently diversified, you should expect a return that regularly exceeds inflation.

In addition, usually only part of the commuted value can be transferred to a locked-in retirement account, while the rest may be subject to immediate taxation. If you do not have sufficient RRSP room to offset part, or most, of this excess, you may have to pay some income tax due to this choice.

Opting for a CV may be suitable for plan members who have at least a “balanced” tolerance of investment risks, who do not have a spouse, who have a shorter life expectancy, who receive a relatively low pension, or who have another DB pension income – whether their own or their spouse’s pension. Taking the commuted value of another pension may allow a couple to diversify between pension income and locked-in RRSP investments.

5 Ways You can Learn More About Forex Trading

Forex trading has become very popular in the recent past because many people have learned to be successful traders, and they enjoy massive profits from the forex market. While this market is very lucrative, you need to have a lot of patience before you start making successful trades. Ideally, you have to constantly learn new trading techniques, and at the same time, you should also learn how to be disciplined when trading. While being a professional trader might take some time and hard work, the results are worth it. In this article, we have listed 5 ways you can learn more about forex so that you become a successful trader.

Learning From a Professional
You shouldlearn from a professional trader and forex educator since people who have traded for a long time have adequate knowledge, and they also understand the market dynamics well. Having such a person to teach you about forex may help you to understand many things that will otherwise be difficult to learn on your own.

Use Demo Accounts
The best way to learn forex trading is by trying it out with virtual money. Do not attempt to learn forex with your hard-earned cash because you may end up losing your money. In a demo account, however, you do not get to use real money in the trades, but you still apply the same concepts when making a trade. The same techniques that are used in reading chats in a real forex account are also used when making a trade in a demo account. A demo account will give you a solid foundation on the techniques of making trades, and you will get to experience the feeling of losing on a trade or making a profit, even if it is just virtual money. Frankly, nothing can beat experience, and having ademo account gives you the best experience in forex trading.

Use Micro Forex Accounts
While a demo account can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that you learn all the dynamics of forex trading, you will have to start risking your hard-earned money after some time. The best way to start trading real money is by using a micro forex account that enables you to make small trades at a time. This will help in giving you exposure to the real forex market. You will also learn how to limit your trades to avoid making too many unnecessary trades that may end up in a loss. Using a micro forex account to learn about forex trading is an excellent way of getting yourself acquainted with the real-time dynamics of the forex market.

Learn Everything About Currencies
The most fundamental thing about forex is understanding what you are trading. As such, you should ensure that you understand everything about the currencies that you will be trading. Don’t just place a trade on any currency that is moving because this may result in several reckless trades that will lead to massive losses. Therefore, ensure that you understand the currencies that you are going to trade by knowing the trends of such currencies to determine whether buying or selling them will profit you. Trading currencies in the forex market is an excellent move because there are very many currencies, which gives you many options. Nonetheless don’t try trading all the currencies. You should select the ones that seem profitable and deal with those.

Learn Risk Management
While it is possible to make substantial profits in the stock market, it is also possible to incur massive losses during bad days. As a result, it is important to learn how to manage risks in forex to ensure that you don’t lose a lot of money when a certain trade goes wrong. If you want to become a good risk manager in forex, you have to learn how to control your fear and excitement. These emotions may trigger you to make certain decisions that may be very risky. Always base your trading decision on logic and not emotions so that you become more clinical in the trades you make. Also, learn about some risk mitigation techniques that help reduce the loss you get when a certain trade does not go your way.

Business Consulting Firms

You’re keen to start up your own business. This is awesome – the ideal way to work! Before you begin, though, you need to ask yourself if you have what it takes, personally, to get the job done. Are you self-confident? Are you ambitious and independent and able to motivate yourself? Are you a disciplined individual who is resourceful and flexible and able to persist – even when the going gets tough?

These are all strengths that you’ll need to rely upon within yourself in order to make a success of your business. Find a reputable business consulting firm that can assist you in getting your new small to medium venture off the ground. You need to be able to lead through the discovery phase of your entrepreneurial venture and be equipped to make informed choices about getting your business off the ground.

Statistics show that 25% of new businesses will fail within their first year; and that 75% of those businesses have failed due to predictable factors. Elements such as a lack of managerial experience or a poor business structure are predictable factors that can be accommodated and rectified, if necessary, before you start out in your new venture. A qualified business consulting firm can detect these pitfalls before they become a real issue within your business.

Don’t think that you have to do this alone. Don’t feel as though it won’t be your venture just because you’ve asked someone else for advice. Turning to a business consulting firm is the right thing to do simply because they can advise you instead of leaving you to carry out a costly process of trial and error. And don’t leave it too late. Hire a business consulting firm before problems start to arise in your business.

As your business develops your needs may change and a good business consulting firm will help you to make the necessary adjustments. You want to build up a successful operation to be proud of – and one that will grow from strength to strength.

Small to Medium Business Consulting

You’re an entrepreneurial spirit and you’re full of fantastic ideas! That’s a great place to start when you want to set up your own business. Passion is what you need to ensure your enthusiasm when you’re getting your new business up on its feet. This is also the ideal time to seek advice from small business consultants who can assist you in making the right choices.

Starting any new venture takes dedication and commitment. But when you’re passionate about what you’re doing it’s much easier to commit your time and effort to the cause. It can also be incredibly daunting to start up something new that perhaps hasn’t been tried and tested before. Fear of the unknown can make you hesitant in taking that big leap forward. This is where EDL Consulting Services can come in to give you a helping hand. We’re the small business consultants of choice that can advise you during this critical decision-making time.

There are many steps that you can take to ensure that you’re making a valid investment. Due diligence must be carried out. The necessary research must be undertaken to confirm the existence of a niche market for your product; and for the necessary funding or financing. Referring to small business consultants before finalizing your business plans will equip you well enough to make informed decisions.

EDL Consulting Services provides quality advice and assistance to those beginning new ventures. We are the small business consultants to approach when you need support in starting out; taking that first step; and in making a more informed decision about the type of business that you intend to build.

We will assist you in that all-important research which defines the outlines and the scope of your business. We can help you to ascertain that there is, indeed, a market for your product or service, thus ensuring future growth of your business. And, most importantly, we can aid you in discovering your financing needs.

We have the necessary experience and expertise that equips us to hold your hand; to be your crutch; and to instill enough confidence in you to get you started. If you have a great business idea in mind that you’re passionate about and you need the inspiration and the knowledge to get going, then come to EDL Consulting Services. We’re the right small business consultants for you.

Environmental Consulting – Announcing Five Surefire Tips to Improve Your Environmental Consulting

What if you discovered basic tips that can help you out to provide excellent consultation to your clients and generate huge income for you?

The purpose of this article is to teach you important steps that can help you to consult your clients about environmental factors in their businesses.

Here are five thrilling steps to get you started easily…

Step 1 – Keep learning from experts.

Step 2 – Be specialized.

Step 3 – Market yourself.

Step 4 – Gain more knowledge.

Step 5 – Enhance your skills.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily…

Step 1 – Keep learning from experts.

If you want to improve your skills about environmental consultant then you should contact other experts and learn something valuable from them.

This will give you ideas about the whole process and you will know how they go about providing consultation to their clients.

You can learn new techniques and you can attract more people to join your services.

Step 2 – Be specialized.

It will be easy for you to become successful if you become specialized in your area of work.

If you have high interest in legal activities then you can become specialized in legal environmental consultancy.

Step 3 – Market yourself.

You need to market or sell yourself in order to achieve huge success in your consultancy field.

Step 4 – Gain more knowledge.

Knowledge is the key to get success with your environmental consulting business.

Keep gaining more and more knowledge in your field and this will help you to become massively successful.

Step 5 – Enhance your skills.

Identify your inner skills and enhance them to grow your environmental consulting business.

Learn basic skills like how to research something, how to communicate with your clients, etc.

This will surely improve your consulting services and satisfy your clients finally.

How to Sell Consulting Services? – 3 Step System to Follow

What if you discovered how easy it is to sell consulting services on the internet that will ultimately boost your online profits?

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started…

Step 1 – Write a simple low cost product and sell it to your niche.

Step 2 – Provide them a free one on one consultation session along with your product.

Step 3 – Finally promote your paid consultation right on the call.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily…

Step 1 – Write a simple low cost product and sell it to your niche.

The best way to go about selling your own consulting services is to make sure that you write down a simple quality e-book in your niche and sell it absolutely dirt cheap.

If you do this and your product is of high quality your clients will trust you as an expert in your niche and they will be willing to learn more from you.

Providing free one on one training to your niche audience will help them to trust you and finally purchase your consulting…

Step 2 – Provide them a free one on one consultation session along with your product.

As a free bonus along with your product you can provide them a 30 minute one on one phone consultation. In this consultation you can help them to solve their most pressing problems and you can help them out by providing them with quality content right on the call.

This is the right time to promote your service and get started making massive loads of easy cash…

Step 3 – Finally promote your paid consultation right on the call.

Once you are done with your free strategy session you can promote your paid coaching program at the end of the call and this will make you a high income out of your efforts.

The reason that you should focus in providing free consultation is to make sure that you give them a taste of the quality and benefits that they will receive from your paid services.

Consultant Services – Discover Three Mind Blowing Secrets

What if you discovered how simple it is to earn money online by setting up high ticket consultancy programs?

Do you want to know how you can attract tons of money in your bank account starting today?

The purpose of this article is to make sure that you take your consulting services on right track and make huge amount of income instantly?

Here are 3 surefire steps to get you started now…

Step 1 – Provide sample of your consultant services.

Step 2 – Offer different levels of high ticket consultations.

Step 3 – Drive huge traffic on your site.

Here are step by step details that you need to apply quickly…

Step 1 – Provide sample of your consultant services.

If you provide sample of your consultant services to your visitors then they can understand what they will get if they join it.

Give them basic information about how they will benefit using your coaching program and they will surely get convinced if you have quality services out there.

Step 2 – Offer different levels of high ticket consultations.

Setup different levels of consultant services such as gold membership, platinum membership, etc.

This kind of structure will help you to boost your income at rapid speed.

First of all offer your subscribers to join gold level membership and once they achieve their targets you can ask them to join platinum level membership for most advance consultations.

Step 3 – Drive huge traffic on your site.

Traffic is the key to achieve success with your online consulting services.

Make sure you drive crazy traffic on your site by using following tactics…

1. Article marketing.

2. Forum marketing.

3. Search engine optimization.

4. Blogging.

5. Pay per click.

6. Social bookmarking.

All of them are very effective ways to boost your site traffic but make sure that you use them effectively. It is important that you get started today.

How an Internet Marketing Consultant Could Supercharge Your Sales

Starting out it can all be so overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be. We have to get our products or services exactly right. Then we have to figure out how to explain them to others through our website. We understand the reasons people should buy what we are selling. But can we successfully explain that to our website visitors in convincing language they relate to, instead of jargon and lingo related to our industry?

Finally, we have to develop an action plan to market online and within our budget, which is often limited when first starting our business. And how do we develop that marketing plan? Where do we get the information necessary to formulate marketing techniques that will actually work for us? The number of sources out there is simply overwhelming! This is when getting feedback from a professional outside our own industry can be valuable. You can turn to an affordable Internet Marketing Consultant or an SEO Consultant who understands and specializes in small businesses and new business start-ups.

What about Getting Internet Traffic to Your Site?

Some start by using pay-per-click marketing, like Google AdWords. The trouble is that AdWords can get expensive quickly. And it takes a LOT of time to set up and manage over time. Starting out it may make sense to use AdWords. Plus, it can be a great way to test your keyword search phrases to find out which ones convert best. You can use AdWords for this purpose before beginning search engine optimization (SEO). But ultimately…sooner or later…you’ll need to optimize for the search engines (SEO).

SEO can provide you qualified Internet traffic without per-visitor costs. Think of it almost as free advertising. You should also utilize article marketing, getting your message in front of article directory visitors and ezine newsletter subscribers. This can generate faster sales, while you’re waiting on your SEO efforts to pay off. Lastly, for most Internet businesses, they should use blog postings or opt-in email marketing to stay in touch with their prospective buyers, using a soft-sell method, over time. If all you focus on are people who make a buying decision they very first time they come to your site, you’re missing out on the great majority of sales you can make!

How Much Traffic Do You Need?

Here are some questions you’ll need to consider when making decisions about AdWords and SEO:

1. What is your monthly sales revenue goal from your website?
2. How much traffic on a monthly basis will you need to meet your sales goals?
3. What is (or will be) your click-through rate, whether from AdWords impressions or organic SEO listings? You need this number to determine the total number of monthly impressions you’ll need for your AdWords ads and your organic SEO listings, to arrive at the monthly traffic number you need to your website.
4. What is (or will be) your conversion sales rate from your traffic? Again, you need this number also to determine the amount of monthly impressions you’ll need.

Especially when first starting up, finding this type of data, evaluating it and then implementing a plan can be very time-consuming and can almost drive a person crazy! There are a lot of so-called experts you can follow. But how do you know if they know what they’re talking about? And without having these numbers (at least good estimates), starting AdWords or SEO is like throwing darts with a blindfold on! Again, this is where talking with an SEO Consultant or Internet Marketing Consultant can help light your path. Your result can be more sales, MUCH faster.

Which Keyword Search Phrases are Right for Your Business?

Think of keywords as the windows or doors to your website. Without using the right ones for YOUR business, your website is like a house without windows or doors — no one is coming in. Kinda the opposite of what you’re going for. :-)
What makes good keywords for your business?
My advice to clients I coach is your keywords should:

1. accurately match what the search engine users INTEND when they type in their keywords to the services or products you offer (get inside their heads);
2. bring you enough traffic to be worth the AdWords or SEO effort;
3. offer affordable enough AdWords bid prices, if you’re using AdWords;
4. have obtainable first or second page SEO results;
5. contain words in the phrases that suggest a searcher who is ready to spend money (unless you’re offering something that is truly free) and
6. CONVERT directly to a sale, a sales lead, a sign-up…whatever your goal is.

Wrapping it Up

Be open to the value an affordable Internet Marketing Consultant or an SEO Consultant can offer you. Someone who has already gone down the road you’re on can help you avoid the potholes along the way. And those potholes can be very expensive… There are talented advisors out there who understand small businesses and new business start-ups. And they price their services for these businesses.

Using someone talented, you’ll almost certainly make more sales, more quickly. And following that advice and the other suggestions in this article, your Internet marketing plan should be off to a great start!

High Priced Consulting – 4 High Impact Secrets to Sell Your High Ticket Consulting Online

The internet is your best ally when selling your high priced consulting services as this remains to be the most effective marketing tool. Here’s how you can sell your consulting online:

1. Talk about your high priced consulting on your home page. Make sure that the first thing that your potential clients will see when they visit your website is your consulting information. Create a bullet list of all the topics that you will discuss and the benefits that you can offer to those people who sign up.

2. Offer free trial. You can entice more people to sign up by offering them free trial. Give them your first couple of sessions for free so they can gauge if they really need your offerings. Your goal here is to impress these people and make them feel that your consulting services are really helpful in reaching their goals.

3. Forums and blogs. Invade blogs and forums that are often visited by your target market. Then, talk about your consulting program without resorting to blatant ads. Make sure that you come back everyday as your prospects might have questions for you.

4. Article marketing. If you don’t have any problem writing articles, this marketing tool will really do wonder for you. Write articles that are closely relevant to your consulting business and submit them online. Through this, you can offer your prospects with free information and you’ll have inbound links for your website. As you know, these are the two elements that can boost your traffic in no time.